Gift Giving Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive!!

It’s almost that time of the year again….arghhh!Time to gift shop….

Gift giving has gotten totally blown out of proportion.Everybody rushing around trying to buy gifts.Frustrated and upset,spending outrageous amounts of money,and most of the time the gifts land up on a shelf collecting dust or thrown in a closet,or even given away or worse,thrown away.

My daughter and I came up with a great idea for next Christmas,we want to pick out someone in need,and instead of buying for our family members,we want to do something for the ones in need.

Or maybe our family can get together,and each write down someone in need,and each do for that person in need.That would be the best present ever…. I really felt good this year when I heard about a few things in my town…Some were picking up random layaways,and paying for the car behind them’s food order in a fast food line.Now that is Christmas Spirit… I believe kids are not learning the value of money and how hard you have to work for it.I remember when I was a kid what Christmas and birthdays meant to me.

I was happy to get a coloring book and crayons,and when I did I took care of it well. I also remember my dad was when I was younger.He put enjoyment into getting things.He bought a camera in a yard sale for, I think a couple dollars.He was so proud of it.He had to get batteries for it.But he wasn’t out much for the batteries and camera.

He looked around till he found somewhere where he could get the second prints free when developing and after a couple years,he was still excited and still using that camera.He took real good care of it,wrapped it up when he was done,handled it carefully,and was thankful for it.

He put fun into getting something.

I think gifts should come from the heart.

What is special to that person?

What is their hobby?

More important,what do you want to give them?

Is it special to them and you?

How about a home video for grandpa that your family makes for him?

You could even talk directly to him in it.

We had so much fun a few years back making one just for fun. Or buying a photo album and selecting pictures of the past and writing little messages under them,fill up the entire book with funny and sentimental talk. 

Or if they live far away,or if they don’t,how about sending them a gift certificate so they can use it for what they really want.

How about some lottery tickets?(who knows?if they win big,they might remember you.)

If they are collectors,try to find that special something they are looking for?

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be expensive.It can be fun instead of such a headache.Use your imagination.

Think about that special person.Do you really want to buy that person something that they are going to have to pretend they will like? Look around.Sometimes,you can even find that special something in a yard sale or 2nd hand store.

How about an old family recipe copied and put in a nice frame.

Do you have any friends who are down on their luck?How about paying a utility bill?

Are you good at quilting?Sew a quilt

and if you are good at cooking,how about a special dish they like?

How about blowing up an old photograph and putting it in a frame?

What about arranging a get together of old friends and family that lost touch with each other?

A surprise visit from you maybe or surprise visit from someone else?

How about a prepaid haircut?



concert ticket?

dinner date?

Subscription to a magazine or paper?

Like my mother in law likes angel story books,this would be nice for her.

A friend of ours likes to collect football cards.

Another likes computer,how about software,on sale,of course.

How about a homemade cookbook of favorite recipes?

Providing you can sneak it out of the house,what about rebinding that Bible or special book?

And for the person who likes crafts?

Pull all those crafts off the internet and look in all the craft magazines,go to the library and put a craft book together.

For the do it your selfer,do the same…

If someone likes to crochet,how about making a book of crochet patterns.

How about homemade gift baskets?

For the football nut,buy little helmets of their favorite teams,a football…

Then there’s the cook,baking pans and cookbook and little doodads for cooking…

Crocheter,needles and yarn,etc,but be careful,it could get expensive quickly….

These are just some ideas,I know you can come up with more…..


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