Is women Get It Free A Legitimate Site?

I often see sites on facebook like Women Get It Free and Deal Dash(even on tv on a commercial) and wonder if it is legit…I have to admit It is tempting,but after I did some research,it is definitely a no-no…

I’ve seen some of my friends post it ,or are they?I dont even know if they know that it’s posting……………. It would be nice to get as many freebies as their picture on Facebook claims.yea,pretty sneaky to throw in some free samples to make it seem more legit…

In the fine print you’ll find this:

(*)In order to receive the item as offered, you must complete participation requirements which can include taking surveys, requesting information, and purchasing products. View our complete participation requirements for more detailed information. You must be over the age of 18 to participate in this promotion.

I’ve also checked out some forums:

one person wrote-I think it’s just a scam. I signed up a few years ago and used my crap email address. Never received a thing except for an inbox full of spam after they sold my address.

Here are some that I have run across:
Completely Coupons
Deal Dash
Women Get It Free

I think I am going to steer clear of sites like these…..I’m sure there are legit ones out there tho,I guess my next project is sniffing out the good freebie sites….Gotta love those freebies……….


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