Couponing And Saving

I have to admit,there was a time when I was a little irritated waiting in line at the checkout behind a person with a lot of coupons.But when the cashier rang up their order,I was amazed…

Well,it didn’t take me long to catch on.

This is great way to save money,

Here’some tips to get you started.

Where to get coupons?

The Sunday paper is the most popular way to get coupons.Just look in the middle,that’s usually where the inserts are,tucked in there somewhere. Also,you can print them out

You’ll notice usually on the holidays,there aren’t any inserts in the Sunday newspaper.

You can check out the Sunday Coupon Preview to see if there are any and to see what you will probably get for that week.

I think that it is great way to find out ahead of time,and I really appreciate this site.

You can also buy them from Ebay and clipping services,You are not actually buying the coupons,that is prohibited.

You are buying their time to prepare them for you.

Join a coupon train,and trade coupons to get the ones you want.

Ask your neighbors and friends to save the inserts for you.

There are sometimes little stickers on items or hangtags on products.

Call the companies 800 numbers or go to the companys website and ask for some.

Look on the outside of food items or for a coupon inside.

And my favorite is printing coupons at home,find your coupons and print them,easy as that.You should print the ones you are interested in right away because they may be gone fast.

Limit is 2 of each for each computer.But you can use other devices or computers.

Do you have more than one computer in your home?

Each computer can print two coupons of each coupon.

Do you have an Ipad or a smartphone?

Each of those can also print two coupons of each  kind.

My husband and I both have smartphones  so I can print out 2 from each,and I also have my old faithful Ipad,and that’s 2 more that I can print out,so with the extra devices,you can really print extra if you find that good sale……


Using Your Coupons

Certain stores let you stack coupons,which means you can use a manufacturers coupon plus their store coupon.

Such as, Dollar General and Family Dollar store.They may have a .50 coupon off Dawn detergent in their sales ad,and you also have a manufacturers coupon for .40 off of Dawn,you will save $.90 on that bottle of Dawn.

You can get some items free,if you use coupons.Say that bottle of Dawn above was only $.90 for the small bottle on sale,that bottle of Dawn would be free if you used both coupons.

And some will even let you have overage,which means that if you get that item free,and still have money left from the coupon,they will apply it to something else that you buy.

Say there is an item for only .75 on sale,and you had a coupon for 1.00 you would have .25 overage to apply to another item.One of the stores that does this is Walmart.

And most drug stores are giving back bucks or up rewards.

Using coupons and the rewards can save some money tremendously,you will earn a reward for buying a certain item or multiple items and when you check out, your receipt will show how many bucks or rewards that you can use on your next transaction for you to use the next time.

Kroger does not double anymore.It was nice,but it ended,I was disappointed,but no sense in crying about it.

You can still save quite a bit.

Sometimes Kmart will run a few day double coupon up to .99,which means you can double up to $1.98.But now they have put a limit on those,too.

There are not many stores that triple coupon anymore.

Oh,but them were the days!

When there is a good thing,some people have to be greedy and ruin it for others.So many abused the coupons,I guess the stores had to do something because they were losing money…

The stores have changed their coupon policies lately.So you might want to look at each store’s latest coupon policy.

Now to store your coupons for easy access.

I bought a zippered binder,and sleeves to put the coupons in.It works well because it also has other compartments for my scissors ,and pens and everything that I need.

I bought my binder on sale at Walmart,but the sleeves for the coupons are a little harder to find.I finally found them on Ebay.

In this way,you can organize them however you want,and be able to find them easily.I put mine in categories and that works well for me.

Update:I changed to a coupon box,because the binder was so bulky at the store,and hard to handle.I bought  a plastic shoebox type at Walmart,bought index cards and categorized my coupons.I can fit my  shoebox into my bag ,and it works a lot better.

Well,are you ready to dig in and start saving money with coupons?

Where Do I Get My Coupons?

The best place for me to find coupons are in the Sunday paper.

I live in a rural area with no big cities nearby.

On Sundays ,I go to town and buy my Sunday papers.

At first,I would just grab my papers and go,but now I check to make sure that all the coupons are inside.Many times I have bought papers only to find out that someone has taken the inserts out of them.


I usually buy 2 papers a week,but if there are good coupons,I will buy more.

I also get my coupons from some magazines.

All You magazine is great for coupons.

I don’t get a subscription.I just buy mine at Walmart.

If there are not many good coupons in that issue,I don’t buy them.

Online,(oh,how I wonder what I did before the internet days!)

I love printing them online, and are just a few.

Usually there is a print limit on these coupons .

You should print the ones you are interested in right away because they may be gone fast.

Oh,and don’t forget Facebook,some give out coupons for liking their page.

And Loyalty Card Coupons like Krogers,on Fridays,you even get something free..

Cellfire– you can load coupons directly onto your loyalty card and use at the store.

Email manufacturers or give them a call and ask for some coupons,check out their websites ,and always check their Facebook page.

Ask your Friends and neighbors if they throw out their coupons.

Look for Tear Pads, Blinkies, Peelies, Catalinas at the store.

Mail-Flyers-I usually don’t get these in our little town.Maybe you are lucky enough to get them.

When you sign up for free samples, they usually include a coupon.

Ebay or Clipping services,buy from Ebay or try the clipping services,this is good to get exact types of coupons that you want.

Trade coupons you don’t need for ones you do,there are lots of coupon swapping forums.

Consumer review sites- Site like Bzz Agent and Vocal Point are two sites that send you coupons to try new products in exchange for your opinion about the product.

Checkout for coupons.

You can sign up on Betty Crocker‘s site and they’ll send you emails with recipes and the coupons available about 1x per week.You’ll like getting the email reminders.

Saving With Coupons

Be creative with your coupons,you will save even more.


Combine a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon for the same item,


Combine a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon, a sale and a rebate to get a crazy good deal.

Try this: combine a buy one get one free coupon with a buy one get one free sale.

both items free?

When they don’t specify the size of the product on the coupon that must be purchased go to the trial size section of the store!Take your “any size” coupons to the trial size section of the store, and get the trial size!

Many grocery stores double and triple coupons,even though i don’t hardly see the triple anymore.It is hard enough finding the stores that double.

You can now print some coupons online that are in your Sunday paper inserts!

Check out Smartsource,Redplum

If the newspaper has good coupons,buy 1 or 2 more,Papers are 2.00-to 3.00,but out of that paper,you may save a lot more.

I now buy my coupons at Klip2Save,and I love it.They come out way before the Sunday paper and you can get as many as you want,more on this here.Coupons vary from region to region so they are all available.

Pick up a Sunday paper whenever you go out of town and when you are traveling to get different coupons.

Use Coupons at the Clearance Rack-great deals there!

Tip: Cut out your favorite coupons from the newspaper. Then, go online to see if they are online and print out additional copies.


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