List of Surveys To Do….

This list came from a Slick deals Forum,I love Slick Deals ….They have deals and surveys and freebies,If you are into focus groups and surveys,thats the place to look…..The source:Slick Deals

Blue Book Focus Group Facilities Finder []

Focus Facilities Listed by City/State []

The Green Book Guide Of Marketing Research Services []

Marketing Research Companies Listed By City/State []

Quirks Marketing Research Review []
This site seems to have everything.

Wallet Boosters []

If it says “profiles” it means there are on site profiles you must fill out. If it has a ” * ” in front it means I am trying the site. If it has a ” $ ” in front it means I have been paid by the site.
*4 My Opinion []
online focus groups $30.00 to $50.00; surveys sweeptakes
added 02.19.2007

*20/20 Research []
Nashville, Charlotte, Miami, Online; we provide honorariums to those who participate – usually $50-150 per session

AC Nielsen HomeScan Consumer Panels []

Acronis Beta Testing []

Adept Marketing Research Studies (Give Us Your Opinions) []
Focus groups are in Beverly Hills, Encino, Burbank; Cash & Prizes

Adler-Weiner Research []
Consumers []
Professionals []
Physician’s []
Illinois & Indiana []; Cash & Prizes

Advantage Research Services, Inc. []
Detroit & Grand Rapids, Michigan, Fort Wayne & South Bend, Indiana; focus groups, product testing at home, taste tests, telephone interviews
Thanks MistyGeorge!

African-American Voice []
each survey minimum of 50 points; payout = 1,000 points ($50.00)
added 02.19.2007

A La Carte Research []
Long Island, New York; Product Testing & Mock Juries; Cash & Prizes

Alan Newman Research/Richmond Focus Group []
registration is for Virginia residents only; Cash

All Points Survey Panels []
*Consumer Research Panel
Agricultural Research Panel
Carpet Cleaner Professionals Research Panel
Dentist Research Panel
Doctor Research Panel
Golf Course Professionals
Lawn Care Professionals Research Panel
Pest Control Professionals Research Panel
Realtor Research Panel
Veterinarian Research Panel

*Allure Experts []
Allure Magazine; Prizes & Samples

*AlphaBuzz Group []
Thanks AggieMomX2!

AlphaDetail []
Surveys forPatients [] (Invitation Code is required)
surveys for Physican []
Added 02.19.2007

Altec Lansing Online Panel []
Thanks maria36
Added 08.31.2007

Amazon Mechanical Turk- Make a pittance for your gift certificate account! []
SD link to explain how it works
Thanks NightVessel & Ciked!

*American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) []

*Amplitude Research/Amp Up Now []
Prizes (Amazon GC’s); longer surveys provide a $5 Gift Certificate to EACH respondent who completes the survey

Amplitude Research Panelspeak Technology Panel []
work in ANY capacity at a manager level or higher for a technology company OR you work primarily in a technology field such as programmer, system administrator, dba, software developer, web developer, or Internet security expert.*
Amazon & Target GC’s

Ask Miami []
Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties; Cash
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Ask Southern California []
Southern California Areas. Cash

Assistance In Marketing: Research Services Network []
Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Costa Mesa, Hackensack, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Morristown

?Athena Market Research []

Atkins Research Group []
copyright 2001-2005; experience and service in the marketing research industry in the Southern California Area; Cash.

Attitudes Across America []
This panel has been filled and is now closed (02.08.2007)

*Baker Street Solutions []

*Begin Survey []
Copyright 2000; Cash & Prizes

*Bellwether Surveys []
Their homepage is slightly out of date.

Beta Research []
Cash & Prizes

*Big Look []

BET Its My Thing (Black Entertainment Television) []

Blarry House Research []
no online surveys; test a new product, evaluate an existing concept, or to share opinions on a variety of issues. Topics include views on computer software and hardware, ideas for new video games, taste testing and naming food products, travel, health care, and telecommunications. discussions usually last from 1 1/2 to 2 hours, require no preparation, and you are paid $40 to $150 for your time

*Brand Institute []

BrandPort []
need to have an .edu email address or a mobile number in order to activate your account; Cash (paypal)

*Brooke Adams Research []
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Business Research Lab Employee Panel []
Thanks CountryGirl27!

Business Research Lab Medical & Dental Panel []
Thanks CountryGirl27!

Business Research Lab Online Panel []
copyright 2005; Cash & Prizes

*Bzz Agent []
WOM (word of mouth)Get Products To Test & Rewards

BuzzBack []

BuzzHeads []

Thanks MistyGeorge!

BuzzSponge []
Cash & Prizes

*C2 Consumer Research []
focus groups; $75.00-$150.00

CalTech Internet Surveys of American Opinion Project []

Cambridge Soft []
Beta Testing
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Campos, Inc. []
Southwestern Pennsylvania;
Thanks CountryGirl27!

*Carnation Instant Breakfast Consumer Panel []
added 02.20.2007

*Celestial Seasonings Online Evaluations & Focus Groups []
Thanks NightVessel!

Center Code []
Beta Testing
Thanks MistyGeorge!

Guide to ChaCha
You must be invited to join; Cash;
Thanks Shuriken!

Chadwick, Martin, Bailey []
Sage Technology Panel [] professionals who evaluate, use, and purchase IT and networking products and services; cash gift from $20 to $250 or random drawing for a substantial prize, such as a laptop computer or $500 cash
added 02.24.2007

Chamberlain Research Consultants (CRC) []
Madison & Oshkosh, Wisconsin Focus Groups & online; Cash

*Chasen Research []
generally paid between $40 and $150
Thanks Bridgetro01!
added 02.26.2007

Chooz []
Win great prizes and earn cash rewards; dedicated to people aged 13 to 35; for more information see haponesa’s post.
Thanks haponesa!
added 04.21.2007

Christian Hit Songs []
Thanks CountryGirl27!

Clarion Research, Inc. []
Copyright 1998; Cash & Prizes

* []
payout [] = $10.00 (paypal, GC’s or miles)
added 02.18.2007

*Click IQ []
Copyright 2005; Cash & Prizes (2,500 points to cash out)

Cobbey & Associates []

Cobbey & Associates Pre-Screener (different from the one above) []

*Columbia University Centre For Decision Sciences []
Cash (paypal)

CompuRX, Inc. []

Consumer Direction []
Cash & Prizes
Thanks CountryGirl27!

Consumer Imput []
have to download a tool bar; Prizes
added 02.20.2007

Consumer Link []
Page is out of date. Cash & Prizes

*Consumer Logic []

Consumer Opinions []
Cash & Prizes

Consumer Opinion Services []
looks like Nevada, Oregon, Washington & Utah only; Cash

Consumer Product Testing Co., Inc. []
New Jersey only;

*Consumer Pulse []
Online, Phone Interviews & Focus Groups []; Prizes & Cash For Focus Groups
added 02.20.2007

*Consumer Taste Panel []
I think you have to go to their site to take surveys; sweepstakes
Thanks CountryGirl27!
added 02.20.2007

Consumer Views []

Contactor Advisory Board []
For people who work as building contractors. Cash

Contract Testing []
Brampton/Mississauga, ON; Vancouver, BC; Calgary, AB; Detroit, MI; Grand Rapids, MI; Ft. Myers, FL; Chicago, IL; Phoenix, AZ; product testing
added 02.18.2007

CosmoGirl! Kiss of Approval Panel []
added 02.20.2007

Cosmopolitan Magazine Buzz Club []
Thank you MistyGeorge!

Country Hit Songs Panel []
points for Prizes []
Thanks CountryGirl27!
added 02.20.2007

CQS Surveys []
Cash & Prizes

*Creatonomy Panel []
Rewards & Prizes
Thanks CountryGirl27!
added 02.20.2007

Cultural Logic
GC’s & Cash
Thanks Mom2ToPooches (go to Mom2Topooches Post to find out how to join)
added 03.14.2007

CVopinions []
To join e-mail them @, put the word join in the subject line, for more information see Tarah86’s post. They give CV Points which are redeemable for cash (check) once you reach 15,000. Every 1,000 CV Point equals $1 cash.
Thanks Tarah86!
added 04.21.2007

CyberPulse Multi-Client Omnibus Survey []
Cash & Prizes

Cyber Survey []
last update 2002; Game Testers?; Prizes
Thanks MistyGeorge!

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