Nail Varnish Marbled Phone Case

Via Fabrefaction 


You will need

A white phone case to fit your phone

A tray or tub that’s disposable

Nail varnish (try to avoid quick drying brands –

Cocktail sticks

Warm water


Step one

Fill your tray with warm water and de-cap your nail varnishes. You need to work quite quickly so have everything ready to go.

Step two

Drop a couple of drops of your chosen colours on the surface of the water.It will spread out quite nicely on its own, but can do a little swirl with a cocktail stick….

Step three

Dip your phone case face first into the water. be sure to completely submerge it so that the sides are coated too.


If you don’t like your design you can remove it with acetone and a make up wipe….If you love your design, you might consider some mod podge or spray adhesive to seal it.



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