Cooking On Christmas Eve

Cooking On Christmas Eve with a house full of grand kids…..

Would not trade it for a million dollars,but oh it gets so hectic,and chaotic….

Love my family so much…….

This year I’m trying to get a lot done before Christmas day,because  when everyone starts piling in on that day,I am totally confused…Since I had my strokes,I don’t have much of a mind left anyway,I forget everything,lose my train of thought a lot,and get easily sidetracked,or could it be old age?Probably both,but anyway I would kind of want to get into the living room with the fam and play with the kids,maybe watch some football,visit with my daughters,enjoy Christmas Day…not stay in the kitchen all day and cook,like I usually do..My daughters help  with dinner but I think they want to enjoy the day,too…

so this year,we changed up our usual ham and turkey Christmas dinner and substituted it with 3 baking chickens instead…still having stuffing,and gravy,baked beans and all that….



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