Kitchen Organizing!!!

I know that this post isn’t about saving,but if everything is all tidy and organized,it seems that you are more comfortable with your surroundings and can think with a clear mind…maybe to put away all those cheap groceries that you just bought with that fistful of coupons that you handed the cashier…So,here are some tips to get and keep your kitchen organized and tidy….my house is so darn small,

organizing,keeping your thoughts together……

Organizing Tips For The Kitchen

The lids to my pots and pans are always a mess.

Spring-tension curtain rods in small cabinets will keep them upright.

But a cheaper idea is to use a dish rack fitted to your shelf or cabinet, that will keep them straight and tidy.

Use a large container to hold your most used kitchen utensils and set it on the counter for easy access (wooden spoons, spatulas, etc.). Use dividers or baskets in drawers to help keep things sorted).

Store your small appliances- hand mixers,electric knives, food choppers, small electric juicers,and more with all their attachments in a basket or container before putting into your cabinet.Every thing will be all together and you won’t have to look for attachments,etc.

Spices takes up a lot of my cupboard space,so I put them up on the wall. Mount a spice rack inside the pantry on a wall or hang a narrow basket shelf

I started storing my measuring cups right in the containers with the sugar, flour, etc.

Use shallow tubs and bins to store items in the refrigerator such as condiments and drinks.Vegetables,and meat.The Dollar Store has all kinds of little plastic containers to choose from..When you need something, just pull out the tub and grab what you need.

Also works for cabinets too,dry soup mixes, seasonings,hot cocoa,etc

Pack lids for plastic containers in a clear plastic tub or large ziploc bags, you’ll be able to see easily just where the lid you need is. Keeps them contained instead of here,there,and everywhere in your cupboards.

Use cup hooks on the inside of cupboard doors. They’ll hold things like measuring spoons, large kitchen utensils (with straps or holes for hanging), potholders,and more.

Use small Hefty bags to hold small items (like twisty ties, corn cob holders) then store all the bags together in a small plastic tub.

Use the space underneath hanging cupboards, a paper towel holder, plastic wrap holder, knife holders, and more.

Theres just a few tips to help organize.hope it helps

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